One Stop Trading and Logistics Solutions

Our Goal is to help our customers to stay competitive by reducing their logistics costs in a long run.  

We are a fast growing and dynamic freight forwarder founded in September 2013 and in two years’ time we have expanded to 6 offices in China and Hong Kong.  We continue with our expansion in South East Asia since 2016.  As in year 2020, we have rebranded as World Trade Connection Logistics Co Ltd with over 10 offices in Hong Kong, China and South East Asia.

With our NEW logistics concept and OLD expertise, we aim to act for our customers as their New gateway to World Trade Connection.  Besides handling our FOB business, we assist our customers’ trading activities and develop import shipments to China and Hong Kong. Our mission is to provide a “One-Stop Trading and Logistics Solutions” to our customers.

Bifocus : Aerospace AOG  •  Food and Beverage

In light of our accumulated expertise in Aerospace AOG and the increasing consumption for Food and Beverage in China and Hong Kong, we positioned our bifocus at these 2 services for the coming 2 years. On top of our general freight forwarding business, our AOG specialist and Food and Beverage specialist are ready to tailor-made our multimodal logistics solutions to you.

Our development  •  Global network

We have our own South East Asia offices in Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand.  Adding with the liaison with worldwide agencies in Europe, USA, Africa and Australasia, we provide global logistics solutions!

Our Story

We are a team of specialists who professionally in Air Freight, Sea Freight as well as other logistics solutions to express the client's core values and products.

Our team is the ones who provide the best logistics solution, connect from local to overseas, and aim to take our clients on a journey of success. People in World Trade Connection Logistics are all hardworking and responsive. We will discuss with our customer for the best fit logistics solution to reduce their cost. With high passion, customer oriented, our team member handles every shipment with cares, make sure your product will be delivered to the destination on time in the best condition!