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Aerospace AOG

Handle regular business with wide range of commodity such as odd-size cargo, engine and parts for Cathay Pacific, Lufthansa, Thai Airways, China Southern Airline, etc.

Food and Beverage

Serving both air freight and sea freight. Provide temperature/humidity control and comprehensive solution platforms to keep your products at their optimum conditions.

One of our core business that provide daily consolidation services to the world major cities from Hong Kong, Shanghai, Vietnam and Thailand, etc.

Sea Freight

Provide full range of services from traditional FCL and LCL shipments to Buyer’s consolidation, multi-country consolidation, project shipment (OOG), etc.

Provide special road transport services for off-size cargo and special trucks in Hong Kong, China and China/Hong Kong cross-border.


Railway service which is more cost effective than Air Freight and only half the transit time of Sea Freight, with an alternative transport option between China and Europe.

We provide FBA services to amazon's warehouse for small business seller on amazon. Our trucking team is ready anytime to deliver your good from your home to warehouse and ready for sell.

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