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Aerospace AOG

Aerospace AOG

   Time Sensitive Cargo


Our Fast & Efficient Logistics Solutions!

Service Highlight

  • Wide range of commodities
  • Wide range of location
  • Handling 150 jobs per month
  • NFO | Hand carry service

Looking for a qualified AOG partner ·­ 24/7/365?

Our AOG division was officially set up in March 2015 and we are proud to have our professional team on board since 2015. Our delegated team of experts are handling 150 jobs per month!

AOG shipments are very Time Sensitive and require high efficiency and professional knowledge team. Our team in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Shenzhen and Guangzhou are even standby to provide NFO | Hand Carry Service. We are one of the qualified agents who can offer immediate solution to AOG customers.

Our AOG division is now handling regular business with the commodity of odd-size cargo, engine and parts for Cathay Pacific, Lufthansa, Thai Airways, China Southern Airline, Shenzhen Airlines, Gameco, etc.

Contact our AOG specialist at now!

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